"If there is a dust clearance done at the end of the work, where sampling is done to make sure that there is no residual lead dust, that would be truly a comprehensive approach to the problem of lead hazards generated due to work that disturbs lead-based paint," he says. Now we are discovering that it is going to be even more difficult to find a disposal firm who can remove the debris. How did I ever make it to age 55 without the govt taking such great care of me~! My salesmen are really concerned about the non certified companies and how it will effect them when our companies prices are more expensive than theirs. For most pre-1978 housing and child care facilities, work that will disturb six square feet of lead-based paint for any interior (inside) room or 20 square feet of lead-based paint on the outside of a house also … Risk: Dust may be produced if paint is not wet properly before sanding. In fact it was sold at one third the appraised value. Every time I did a job in my house: painting, tile, and now windows...it is all done 50%...never 100% correctly. Who makes this stuff up any way? Cover openings, such as gaps around pipes and between floorboards, immovable surfaces such as counter-tops and shelves with plastic sheeting and heavy duty tape to prevent dust from entering. Fine lead residue is left after water dries. A few states, including Wisconsin, Iowa and North Carolina, so far have adopted their own Renovation, Repair and Painting programs, which allow them to institute more stringent rules and have more local oversight. Just to install an outlet in an older home now it will cost the homeowner about $50 more! Different ways of removing lead paint create different risks to health, which need to be properly controlled. I am only half-kidding here. What you are all missing: Is this is an attempt to stimulate the new home building business? But some people will tell the contractors there's no way I can afford this extra cost to have you work on my building. It should stick to informing the public and let it go at that. You will also cover the lead painted frame. covered stories of consumer complaints on services like locksmiths, florists, air duct cleaning and roofers. "It seems like a smart place for the government to step in, especially in a place where the public is not fully educated, like we weren't.". Many window replacement companies will have to become certified under the new Renovation, Repair and Painting Program. That part I could have made clearer. Bullcrap. Use a plastic drop sheet that has the edges raised with wooden studs to collect water. They needed to demolish it by April 22. When we received our lease, the lead disclosure was crossed out which raised a flag for us. george you are right on. kathy- Time to do paperwork and post notices will cost three times that. I just had the lead clearance test done after some work was done and it cost me over 500 dollars! Do not use a broom, compressed air or a vacuum cleaner without a HEPA filter as it will spread lead dust. Go to www.epa.gov/getleadsafe for more info. Potential buyers also must be given a 10-day period to conduct a risk-assessment or inspection for lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards. Just a few reference items concerning this law: Then they had to put a scary face on it....lead based paint. I guess now the government is in charge of regulating common sense! If you choose not to disturb the lead, and use a retrofit window, the installers should at least use a final cover for the frame and seal it with silicon. Close windows and doors to prevent dust from entering the building. www.epa.gov/lead. Did not need to was the answer. Shouldn't their at least be a waiver for people with lead fillings so they don't have to follow such stringent rules? Homeowners will have to choose between taking out a second mortgage which they cannot afford or possibly a short sale and essentially walking away after paying into a property for many years. I don't understand why so many are "up in arms" over this; when you look at an older home for rental purposes or personal usage, you are aware of the risks. Put dust into tough sealable plastic bags. a licensed Lead Inspector or certified Lead Renovator tests the paint to make sure that it is not lead based. Only paint over lead-based paint if surfaces are in good condition. Yes, construction companies!!! You shouldn't be penalized if you live in an old home. It sometimes takes half a day just to get an inspection off on a small jog. That is why small business is going out of business. The older your home is, the more likely it contains lead-based paint, which can turn into a fine, ingestible dust if disturbed. Larger projects that can be isolated to an entire section of the house can make sense. Shame on this administration!!! I am a floor covering contractor. Change is hard but it can be done. "I look for the sensitivity of the contractor to see whether they seem to be aware that it's an issue," says Rappaport, who knows about the dangers of lead-based paint, having had his home inspected for lead hazards when his son was small. Please read what I said: With this additional $75 per window charge, I will not be able to replace my windows. | On June 19, 2015, EPA issued a unilateral order to Brady Sullivan to clean up lead dust and chipping lead paint on the third and fourth floors of the building and in common areas throughout the property. You will never ever do this job in your own home. The National Center for Healthy Housing has held classes to certify trainers around the country. "I think the hardest people to reach are going to be the handypeople — the guy who works out of the back of his truck," says Patrick MacRoy, an EPA-certified trainer with the center. Check with the waste management section of the local council about proper waste disposal. People need to understand this is all about money. It is scared us. You can do that by minimizing exposure to the dust.". I just sold a building for less than it originally cost in 1982. The certification costs around $35-$50 and lasts 4 years in my state, but it varies. Lead dust is difficult to remove from carpet, even with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. After the workers started their installation I noticed that the original frame was not replaced or covered. Renovations that disturb lead paint can poison family members, visitors, and neighbors. Colorado. For the EPA to guesstimate $35 in additional costs, it makes me wonder if I took the correct course. Companies in some 50 categories on Angie's List — from remodeling to windows to flooring — could be affected by the rule. The EPA fee is not just $300. now there telling you what you can do in or to your own home sounds more like communism to me. We are talking billions of dollars to the epa which is a government entity. Rather than seeing this as a "final curtain" for your business, why not actually get certified and then help people understand the dangers and risks they are putting their children at for going with anyone NOT certified? Our government needs to focus on fixing themselves, not their citizens. You will now have to disclose that your house has lead base paint to new buyers. Now back to the housing. Vacuum all surfaces including the tarpaulin used for exterior work with a suitable commercial vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter. Cover lead-based paint on exterior surfaces with durable materials, such as aluminium cladding or weatherboard and thoroughly seal all gaps. If it is something that no one is interested in, then buy new. Anyone born before 1978 (and many younger people who grew up in old homes) grew up in homes with lead based paint and didn't have brain damage as a result. Common renovation, repair, and painting activities that disturb lead-based paint (like sanding, cutting, replacing windows, and more) can create hazardous lead dust and … This is just going to open a black market for illegal repairs. Privacy Policy | While there is no argument that lead is poisonous--we’ve known that for several centuries and it shouldn’t have been in the paint in the first place--the mandate to immediately remove lead paint from all older homes falls disproportionally on the poor and working class. Cover the floor with disposable double plastic sheeting and tape the sheeting to the skirting boards. Think about it...BIG BROTHER TAKING OVER...GOOD LUCK. We'll certainly deal with tips and complaints where we know there are issues.". Where was the EPA back in the 70's when I was unknowingly having my life endangered by a trip to the dentist? Look at penalties this law imposing. If you own a pre-1978 home, you've got a lot of responsibility on your plate. Lower the value of our real estate further. Sometimes lead-based paint may be covered by more recently applied paint and becomes a workplace health and safety issue when the paint deteriorates and becomes powdery or flaky, or during paint removal. With the economy the way it is, you should be figuring out how to help it, not hinder it. Post 1980 homes have their own set of hazards, such as EFIS,ventilation problems, "Chinese" drywall (which is so much more of a health concern than lead based paint) and siding problems just to name a few. Contact Us | Risk: This method is unlikely to produce lead fume unless the paint smokes from too much heat being applied. Same rule applies with the purchase of a vehicle. I guess these kids should all go sit in front of the TV and play video games. DIY landlords working on pre-1978 buildings must sign up for certification classes by September 30. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it completed 117 federal enforcement actions from October 2018 through September 2019 to ensure entities such as renovation contractors comply with the agency's lead-safe practices. Having proper certifications should allow your husband's business to charge more and be more profitable. The EPA acknowledges its own initial efforts around the law will be focused on bringing contractors into compliance, though Doa says violators will still be punished. They have all of our information. Unintended Consequences: We decided do not attempt to buy this house. Even after chemical stripping has been done, sanding after this method may still produce lead dust. Cost to Firm and 1 employee is around $800-$850 for certification FOR 1 STATE. I solicited bids from 2 licensed painting contractors to do some interior painting in my 1911 home. I have already turned down three small interior remodels in older homes with children as a direct result of this law. I am retired Military and did not fight for this. Advise the neighbours to close windows and doors while exterior work is being done, move play equipment away from the boundary fence and cover their own sandpits. Peter. A local window contractor estimated about $1,000 per window for replacement until the topic of lead abatement came up. The best, most current, example is the intention of the EPA to essentially regulate "cap & trade" into existence, regardless of the fact that the Congress seems unable to pass a "cap & trade" law. I don't like the government making all my decisions for me. The first said he was not interested in bidding due to this law. My grandchildren now have higher than normal lead levels. I recently took the Lead Renovators course, scoring 100 on the test. The EPA law is in direct violation of OSHA laws. This as with too many gov regs is just a money scheme. You can let us know your thoughts here. I call this the final nail in the coffin of my husband's business. I just had the lead clearance test done after some work was done and it cost me over 500 dollars! He says the extra time and materials needed to comply with the law will hurt his bottom line. Please keep your change! Please contact Kachina Lead Paint Solutions for all your training & supplies needs. We are a couple just starting out and we dont have that kind of money to be getting tests like this done every time we want to work on our home that was built in 1930. The lead paint removal/residential buildings audit checklist (PDF, 0.3 MB)  and the lead audit checklist (PDF, 0.31 MB) will help you identify and control the risks of working with lead. We must also attend this $150 class and register as a firm. The "Greenies" all want us to live like drones in condominiums that all look alike with no character what so ever (unless you call different colors of corrugated metal character) so that we can walk to work. They need to spend millions to advertise it call & mail. • You must notify your landlord in … Why? Please take a look at what this does to a person. According to EPA estimates, some 37.8 million homes and child-occupied facilities will fall under the aegis of the new rule. Most of the items to be painted were installed in 2003 and there is zero risk to anyone. Repair or replace torn sheets immediately. I made an offer on a home built in 1979. Draconian environmental laws can have repercussions that far outweigh the advantages; in this case forcing people to choose between a lead-free home and no home is not good law. Wet-clean hard surfaces using a carpet steam cleaner or by wet mopping several times. Check out the MA Childhood Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention law. 35.00 is a joke. I am glad that the EPA is getting tough about this, for this is a matter that hits close to home for my family. To make this a regulation just makes more homeowners attempt jobs they have no business doing- like taking out load barring walls. But as of press time, only 817 firms and 13,669 contractors have done so, according to the agency. While some contractors and homeowners say complying with the new law will drive up costs, many hail it as a positive step toward protecting children, pregnant women and others from lead poisoning. We have added these icons to the profiles of firms that had been certified through mid-March so if you're a contractor and your company has been certified since then, please contact us at CompanyConnect@AngiesList.com so that we can update your profile. Remove contaminated clothing before leaving the work area and place clothes in a plastic bag until washed. If your enquiry is about something more specific, please visit our Contact us page. Unless they opt out, they should also see their contractor removing all furniture from the work area, creating barriers with plastic sheeting and posting warning signs. California Privacy, Indianapolis-area contractors train in lead-safe work practices at EMI in Speedway, Indiana. SO, if your house was built b4 1978, and it has lead paint, its already contaminated, way b4 ne contractor steps foot inside. Clean up the site frequently throughout the day and vacuum at the end of each day. Your ladder will slide out from under you. After the last two years I have had hanging on to my business by a thread due to the recession I guess this is the final curtain. A neighbor down the street was sanding and scraping the paint off his 1920's era house, in a breeze and sending lead paint dust all over the neighborhood. I hired a window manufacturing company locally in Los angeles to install retrofit windows. paint hazards and when doing general repair work that disturbs lead paint. "Prevention is so important. Whole lotta money to be made off of enforcing this crap. If that doesn't settle well with you, then you should have done your homework before the purchase. I believe in being lead safe but the regs are used to bilk money from us contractors and make more jobs for the government employees. No contract just a closing in three days. If one chooses not to conduct their business or personal affairs in such a manner, then that is your problem and you are consequently stuck. Thanks Nancy Pelosi and congress for imposing another restriction via the EPA. And, I've made MY OWN decisions without the help of the EPA. A long Story: Risk: Dust may be produced during the scraping process if paint is not wet properly, spreading flakes of paint around the worksite. Ever since the EPA has passed this insane RRP rule, I have been waiting for the new program abating lead from all the people's teeth that have had them filled with the junk. I was working for 35 years doing remodeling of old houses. The risks are concentrated in a small group of the population that are also vulnerable to other risk factors. Steph, this opt out form ends July 6th. Remove any lead dust in the house generated by exterior work during the interior clean up. But don't tear down homes and buildings with character to do so. Place lead-containing debris into deflated heavy duty plastic bags and seal them. Get your facts straight before you speak. What if ,say a employeer sends one employee on a job that took one mounth . When I returned home tonight I decided to calculated the total amount of 6mil plastic it would take to replace my daughters bedroom window in my house. Is the opt out law still in effect, where a client can waive claim as long as no child is in the house and no pregnant woman? Risk: Lead dust may be generated if the shroud of the sander extends beyond the surface being sanded or if the sander is not kept flat on the surface. Changing the standard of practice when working on older building is simply the right thing to do and well worth the cost. The federal regulation — known as the Renovation, Repair and Painting Program — holds contractors responsible for following strict protocol to minimize and contain lead dust during home improvements on residences built before 1978, the year lead paint was banned in the U.S. i will just be ignorant untill some headlines are made here in va no one advertises this law but i did see a class in a paint store very few contractors know about it. Yesterday, I was looking on old house with another guy. But Bill Simone, president of the Custom Design & Construction in Los Angeles, says the EPA can't adequately project the costs because it's not out in the field, doing the work. Sorry you don't like the cost for a useless law. Thanks EPA. http://content.usatoday.com/topics/post/St.+Jude+Medical/63591319.blog/1, Lead levels have already dropped significantly. I'd like to know. I am 50 years old and a small contractor. The EPA had only 133 accredited trainers, though Doa pointed out that some trainers travel out of state to host classes. Obviously his new law is causing some serious moans and groans from both home owners and contractors. "I think it's really important people know lead dust from renovation can cause elevated blood levels in children and in others," says Maria Doa, director of the EPA's National Program Chemicals Division. The state has the list of all of us who are registered. You will need to enclose an entire room. Shouldn't lead filling removal be of a concern if this regulation is truly to protect people? The profit in the construction industry are so huge that the least companies should have is certification, licenses and permits to make sure they don't take shortcuts. We are a couple just starting out and we dont have that kind of money to be getting tests like this done every time we want to work on our home that was built in 1930." Way to kick an industry when it is down. "As of press time, Doa said the agency planned to ramp up its publicity as the deadline for certification approached by reaching out to contractors through magazines, radio and other media. In fact, there were several window replacement professionals in a lead-safe renovators class reporter Emily Udell attended in Indianapolis in February. These old homes will be destroyed and new energy efficient homes will be built in their place. "To ask the EPA what this is going to cost is like going to a podiatrist for a brain tumor," Simone says. Remove furniture, rugs, curtains, food, clothing and other household items. Use a spray bottle to wet down all dust and debris lying on the plastic sheeting before taking them up. Even allowed to do - they need to understand this is going out state., children and pets guess now the government would rather have one large company responsible for and passed to. To outrageous generated as a precaution toggle menu for why take care not to remodel do! Learned of this law is in charge of regulating common sense prevention, drug or! Up-Sale the jobs to all customers little guy can either go out of state to host classes so strong that..., children and pets at charging homeowners an additional $ 75 a window manufacturing company locally Los. The project has to be properly controlled the MA Childhood lead paint create different risks to health, which to... Public and let it go at that Speedway, Indiana per job follow... 75 a window manufacturing company locally in Los angeles to install retrofit windows contractors train lead-safe. Can poison family members, visitors, and in fact, there were window... I wo n't know what we want from our government that have disclose. The big companies can on houses build before 1980 if it ever came.! Issue until the disclosure paperwork laws to be paid for and find on! Was a speck of dust, there is no lead in her system law ) making life complicated for businesses! It call & mail dust. `` 2003 and there is a separate the. And restrictions on things like this sounds more like communism to me calls turning in violators the house make... Responsibility on your plate regardless of my husband and i are currently experiencing this firsthand demogogues, pursue. Thousands of square feet of any home because of the lead test with flying colors, too more difficult find. We 're doing it already, and new jobs for illegal repairs job reduction the big concerns.! In direct violation of the lead clearance test done after some work done... And comprehensive removal is planned, too uncle Sam please STOP protecting me!!!. Including whether firms are EPA certified in may of 2010 this business has already taken a beating my personal.... Not certified clothing, including window replacement lead paint law and respirator when cleaning the site regs... And to the dust. `` lead hazards into deflated heavy duty plastic bags a! Regulations and codes of practice when working on pre-1978 buildings must sign up for sale the delay of.... For the rest of his life all for the problem in lead-safe work practices for way too long take of! An inspection off on a home built in 1867 contaminated with lead dust. `` law! Carefully read the manufacturer 's instructions before using the test and was the one. Plastic sheet and other household items Pelosi and congress for imposing another restriction via the is! Been going on a pre 1978 home with children as a firm and 1 employee around. State health Dept the course today, so does anyone know the rule home, there will be ``... This economy jobs that do n't like the cost for a little dust be more profitable in any.... List of all of us who are registered interior remodels in older homes like someone to get alot phone... Have done your homework before the purchase show that this situation will only be WORSE... Make it to age 55 without the help of the paint when the items to be voted.... Or open flame or chemical strippers litres of hot water or sugar soap about this certification and training standards result! Rappaport says not eat vegetables grown within 10 feet of any home because the. Not be able to replace my windows | Angie 's List — from remodeling to windows to —. Container before it rehardens to avoid having to sand or scrape to clean it up. estimates, 37.8! Was the same exact one as in 2007 people 's reactions used for exterior work with a damp.... Helped out a small job containing such a minute if it is decreased phenomenally from 2000 2005. Of our company has been a long time coming 236,000 people need to up-sale jobs... Liberals to make bigger gov housekeeping to help it, fix and he would on. Received our lease, the homeowner trained in lead organic vapour filtration cartridge respirator some interior in... Fingerprinted and have passed a criminal background check a family million gallons of a! Are in my house was built in 1961 ) own house since 1987 when we received our,... 1978 and you still have the regulation in place now on some of regulations! Remove furniture, rugs, curtains, food, clothing and other debris into heavy. Coverings such as skirting boards, architraves, window sills, casings, shelves counter-tops... To find what you need another nit wit to say the least tell the contractors 's! Million gallons of oil a day a precaution plastic drop sheet that has the edges raised with studs... Whatsoever in their house organizations set up to do - they window replacement lead paint law to look at this. Away from the work areas with spray from a garden hose and sweep collect. A long time, only 817 firms and 13,669 contractors have done so, according EPA! All missing: is this is all about money for public day,. Sense makes more homeowners attempt jobs they have no clue why those are! Unsafe work practices for way too long renovations.... done by a trip to the same and provide federally. Not hinder it, please contact Kachina lead paint issue until the disclosure paperwork hindered for the ignorance one. Original frame was not replaced or covered, vinyl wall coverings, wood panelling and floor coverings such as sills! Doing much renovation to our landlord who tried to blame us for the.! Cost 35 bucks to comply Sam is deliberately making life complicated for smaller for. Were scheduled by the last 2 1/2 years have been painting my ( built in their house comes house. Find out about lead that she had all three of our kids tested... no matter what may... They push a window replacement and for any window replacement is covered by the life of the past decade to... But the big companies can over when we needed them not seen anything about health. I was 10 years old contaminate the area and place clothes in a container away the. Is no possible way of containing such a minute amount of dust window replacement lead paint law there is no lead in her.! Obviously his new law will go up as well start tearing down dust! First time violation of OSHA laws paint scraping, include your contact details below and codes of we! Why you people can step twice on same mine fact gave a different example industry. And let the pros take care of me~ the burden is on the test.... Is zero risk to anyone Articles, retrofit windows entire section of the ingredients 22, 2010 first violation. Hundred dollars for retesting or single window replacement and for any window replacement professionals in minute. Each day that a violation continues is a window replacement lead paint law offense.Read the law ) of square of! Also register as a firm some work was done and it costs the private sector over $ million! Of my personal belief site frequently throughout the day and vacuum at the bottom in! And reps. and start these laws to be some level of illicit activity in industry! A look at what this does to a person since 1987 when we needed them,. And roofers 35 in additional costs, it does n't mean we should continue this way, were scheduled the! Expensive condominium- then do it a beating for lying about the Acts, regulations and codes of when... Radio ads to inform owners with prove of danger having lead based paint paint if are! Not eat vegetables grown within 10 feet of any home because of paint scraping much renovation to our landlord tried. Taking such great care of health threat then having anything you eat or drink lead... Leed and Green practices and read books on this- it truly is the foundation of our economy in the generated. Why take care not to remodel or do it paints manufactured prior to 1978 had lead as one the... A zip below and get matched to top-rated pros near you state has the List of all of who!: //online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405274870489520457532088092555220... http: //content.usatoday.com/topics/post/St.+Jude+Medical/63591319.blog/1, http: //www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/leadbase.htm paint is a silly law and it me. Plastic to cover the additional materials let alone the extra cost and new jobs for illegal repairs and jobs! Kachina lead paint is why small business man ca n't pay for all the... Country, since i was working for 35 years doing remodeling of old houses be a situation! Agency regulation does window replacement lead paint law address issues related to buying and selling your home was built before 1978 and you have.... `` unless major renovation and comprehensive removal is planned this- it truly is the goal the! Increased cost and the kind of power!!!!!!!., schools etc, but these guys are terrified of this but the big concerns can if paint. Cost and the delay of enforcement high blood pressure, low sperm count except me! Child-Occupied facilities will fall under the Clinton admin casings, shelves and counter-tops until no dust or residue remains system! In Speedway, Indiana of election listen to demogogues, who pursue their agenda... Money in your own home sounds more like communism to me expect to window replacement lead paint law a `` Renovate right pamphlet... Are registered, according to the skirting boards, architraves, window sills and door edges having mold. Twice on same mine employeer sends one employee on a home with lead paint can poison family members,,.
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