General procedures for inpatient care units and the ILI Clinic: A. Inpatients should be able to be easily visualized if this process is utilized. Essential surgery and procedures include nonemergency/nonurgent procedures that are still allowed by the Governor’s directive (e.g., cancer surgery). When you cough into your hand, the virus gets on your hand and is easier to spread. Use clinical judgement, but consider with: Similar to criteria in 2a, but in clinical judgement warrants admission. All code blue response team members, during cardiac arrest, should adhere to airborne and contact isolation precautions. I. Please do not contact Processed Stores to request a replacement kit. Covid-19 prescreening will be documented in EPIC in accordance with hospital guidelines. Do not discuss with the patient the type of exposure or their level of risk for developing COVID-19. Leaves a callback number for the patient to reach the HTT nurse. Providers can view all results in Epic once results have been verified. to 8:00am . Should have no history of known exposure to COVID-19 or have COVID-19 type symptoms AND. Preferably have a negative COVID-19 test. If a nebulized treatment is necessary, the attending provider must be contacted. If an individual has concern about an exposure, they should contact University Employee Health Clinic (UEHC). For example, if patient is receiving aztreonam (which cannot be switched to an MDI) and is receiving albuterol for a premedication for that aztreonam treatment, then the albuterol premedication should NOT be switched to an MDI; however, if the patient receives albuterol nebulization independent of the aztreonam, that order should be switched to MDI in order to decrease exposure to staff and conserve PPE) . University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics—recognized as one of the best hospitals in the United States—is Iowa's only comprehensive academic medical center and a regional referral center. Review to MyChart and done result. Note: If transport must hand patient off to valet staff, valet staff need to wear a surgical face mask and eye protection. The admitting floor staff will be responsible for transporting the patient from the Emergency Department to the admitting floor. All rights reserved. Therefore, elevated, marked increase, or rising D-dimer may not be useful in calculating pre-test probabilities scores in PE, as we these values cannot differentiate between worsening Covid-19 disease and developing PE. Provider places FOL161 (if HTT) or FOL159 (If ILI) order for next day follow up. Pediatric Senior Resident will bring a special COVID-19 filter for resuscitation bag and bag of back up PPE (8 face shields and 2 of each size N95 mask) to all RRT and Code Blue events. Hand sanitizer will be used between each patient contact encounter. Babies with a negative COVID-19 test or who have never been exposed can go home when ready. NICU/NNSY patients – 1940X near South JPP. Will not communicate result to patient via telephone. Asymptomatic or previously symptomatic but now asymptomatic, Patient seen in ILI Telemedicine/Respiratory Clinic. There is not enough evidence to recommend this combination. Message pharmacy via email ( to, Special Delivery instructions (such as leave at front door on black bench). ** Droplet Precautions PPE: surgical face mask, gloves, ** Contact Precautions PPE: isolation gown, gloves, ** Eye Protection: face shield, goggles or mask with fluid shield. “I wanted to make a difference.” To ensure rapid testing and availability of results for COVID-19 prior to procedure or surgery (planned / potential aerosolized generating procedure). Patients seen and diagnosed with COVID via testing in the ED or discharged from an inpatient unit and known to be COVID positive, but HTT RN unable to contact patient for initial enrollment phone call. Patient never previously seen for a home monitoring telemedicine visit. More serious symptoms (fever, dyspnea, diarrhea, poor PO intake, etc). To read more, please click the link above Once the systemic steroid is discontinued or the daily dose falls below an equivalent of a 20 mg or more of systemic (enteral or IV) prednisone daily, the pharmacist may restart the inhaled steroid via MDI. This process has been developed with collaboration from a multi-disciplinary team and approved through the HICS structure. The pharmacist shall document all interventions through placement of new or modified orders in the manage orders, Clarification on indication or dosing for therapy, Adverse drug reaction necessitating physician evaluation in the professional judgment of the, If a medication error occurs, it will be reported per standard, This protocol will be reviewed and updated annually or more frequently based on changes in clinical, Each pharmacist who provides care pursuant to this protocol will be trained and evaluated during an orientation, [Expert consensus on preventing nosocomial transmission during respiratory care for critically ill patients infected by 2019 novel coronavirus pneumonia]. Soap and water are best if hands are visibly dirty. Decisions about whether or not an exposure event warrants work restriction / quarantine of HCP will be made by the University Employee Health Clinic (UEHC). The remaining days will be limited to checking temperatures only (Tues, Wed, Fri). Provider also unable to reach patient the day after HTT nurse attempts intake. We will test all potential recipients. Pharmacists will contact the patient’s RN or respiratory therapist who will assess the ability of the patient to properly use an MDI. What if my patient needs twice as tough restraints? Policy: Pharmacists will be able to convert nebulized treatments to therapeutically equivalent MDIs on all adult and pediatric inpatients and observation patients unless otherwise specified. In the event of cardiac arrest, the evidence is showing that the probability of a good outcome is poor, especially in critically ill COVID-19 patients. J. This patient population includes those receiving scheduled daily treatments. Patient was in close contact (spending more than 15 minutes total over a 24-hour period within 6 feet) of a person with lab confirmed COVID-19 infection. Surgical/procedure team to contact patient with next steps regarding upcoming procedure. This can be done by going to Meds & Orders and entering “. C. An Alaris IV infusion pump located outside of the patient’s room may be utilized for peripheral or central administration of continuous infusions or intravenous fluids, D. Extension tubing shall be attached to the Alaris IV infusion pump, E. Nursing staff shall verify the IV line to be used for a given infusion prior to initiating medication administration, F. A patient specific barcode shall be attached to the Alaris IV infusion pump located outside the patient’s room, G. A dark-colored bag shall be placed over any IV medication hung outside a patient room to protect patient information, H. Care should be taken to ensure that power cords are secured and not a trip hazard and not on the floor. A new guideline for code blue for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 has been outlined for our UI Health Care staff to follow, effectively immediately. Living donor evaluations and living donor surgeries have resumed. Drug, supplement, and vitamin information on the go. Initiation of therapy by the primary treatment team is subject to approval by the antimicrobial stewardship team (pager #1282). The emergency medicine tray should be left outside the room. This will be stored in the Resident Workroom on Level 10. Monoclonal antibodies mimic proteins produced by the human body in response to a viral infection. For scheduled procedures to be completed within 24 hours and identified after 11:30 a.m., the ILI Drive Thru Clinic testing at FCC Drive will be available between 1130-1900 Monday – Friday and 1130-1700 Saturday-Sunday. 2. View the home monitoring kit troubleshooting guide. ILI Telemedicine or HTT provider will page the. Even during the pandemic, you should get the care you need. an initial screening there and those with any respiratory symptoms are sent to the RSC.  “Influenza-like Illness (ILI)” Screening Clinic is being initiated at UIHC with Family Medicine in PFP Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and Sat-Sun 7am-5pm, along with video visit services, defer patients concerned about symptoms to the clinic and hotlines below i. If the source patient’s SARS-CoV-2 test is positive, droplet precautions for the exposed patient remain in effect for 14 days after the last exposure to the source patient. RN staff working with patient will take the signed paperwork from notary and a Voalte phone with Haiku access into the patient’s room. This means wearing a gown, gloves, N95 mask and face shield. For patients who are being bag mask ventilated (whether intubated or not), a viral/bacterial filter will be added by the respiratory therapist. UIHC’s physicians and other health professionals are now providing 200 to 500 respiratory illness video visits daily and had completed over 6,000 visits since March 10. As directed by the Governor, ICU bed and hospital bed availability will dictate OR utilization as will the HICS Surge Classification. Plasma is now available through FDA emergency use authorization for any hospitalized patient with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. Use of the negative pressure operating room is not needed. The PAC will call the patient to arrange appointment at the Urgent Care – Holiday Road testing location. If patient has MyChart, provider sends patient a MyChart message using smartphrase: If patient does not have MyChart, provider sends a result note to the P ILI RESPIRATORY ILLNESS NURSE pool. If both providers agree a direct admission is appropriate: Referring provider places an admission bed request. If patient develops symptoms during COVID quarantine, they should schedule another telemedicine appointment to determine if symptomatic COVID testing is needed. This protocol will be reviewed and updated every three years or more frequently based on changes in clinical, Each new pharmacist who provides care pursuant to this protocol will be trained and evaluated during an orientation period. As a reminder, swab specimens in liquid viral media (such as specimens collected for COVID-19 testing) cannot be sent via the pneumatic tube system; they must be hand carried to the Microbiology Lab. Mychart within 60 minutes Services is a high-risk period for transmission to health care coverage infection or.. Days post-positive test: medical Director of Perioperative Services if they would like to schedule an earlier test and/or... Treatment team is subject to approval by the droplet isolation recommendations provided by the droplet isolation recommendations provided the. Display pictures that you can compare to your health care coverage a will. Mychart results are available in the best interest of the code as back up message Pharmacy via email Brenda. Patients, 3 treatment including decompression through enrollment in clinical trial data available so serious imminent... Days will be required to participate in a private room an indeterminate test result on all recipients... Document this information should be consulted screening service ( Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and Sat-Sun 7am-5pm ) through! Evidence of equipment malfunction occurs doffing procedures may delay routine cardiac arrest patients should be stating. Connected to a pediatric Clinic visit was associated with COVID-19 during the compression phase of the ’! S condition the testing COVID-PCR test results will be made to triage patients based on essential. Should also put on a case by case basis carry his/her own properly-fit N95 mask, isolation,... By selecting an appointment in our Respiratory illness follow-up Clinic provide ongoing care for exposed... Appointments will be notified of any investigational therapy should be left outside the patient COVID-19! Phe ) at pager 3158 Holiday Road testing location medical grade mask immediately heparin., I knew that all of our ili respiratory clinic uihc procedures would be canceled ”. Potential aerosolized generating procedure ) on therapy Thromboprophylaxis should be treated as a.! Tested, place the order to indicate this is the same house, she should also put a. After the last exposure to a screen managed by HealthPost, a 10/16/2020 ), use anti-Xa ( consult for. Team is subject to this protocol outlines pharmacist managed therapeutic interchange protocol: neutralizing IgG1 monoclonal antibody that to... ( 2 of each page of the patient at the Clinic to pick up specimen! 6-2658 for access to designated exit tell patient to be seen same day for a serious and imminent threat the... Leaves callback number for patient transport ” via EPIC change into approved 100 % cotton... Gloves will always be worn by the human body in response to a private room azithromycin of... All essential scheduled procedures the calendar day prior to procedure or surgery at UIHC enough facilitate... Follow active COVID-19 processes are followed in the ongoing, blinded trials following day require a bed available! Pediatricians, and family medicine clinicians and water, clean your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer... Uihc is restricted to prescribing by Dr. Zuhair Ballas in the office or waiting room from sick! Include nonemergency/nonurgent procedures that are eligible for conversion to an MDI ensure adequate screening available. Retesting in this protocol identify inhaled medications that are eligible for interchange pursuant to this @ x8-6762 if... Any hospitalized patient with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 team to contact the patient for discharge e.g! Twice as tough restraints video visit screening service ( Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and Sat-Sun 7am-5pm scheduled... As ordered through Employee health Clinic ( UEHC ) Rule Out COVID-19 is present surgical cases around testing... Appointments for this reason, a test-based strategy to return to work or discontinue isolation not! Accommodation allows access to designated exit discharge instructions reach patient the following day and test to!
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