In addition to being used in love spells, it is used for healing, protection and to break spells. Too, if that's the case, then you also have some wiggle room in that six month plan up there. Maanee Chrystal was born in Byron Bay, Australia. Yes, there are health risks associated with ingesting or being exposed to menses, because this is both fluid sharing and also blood sharing, even though menses is more than just blood. Menstrual blood or period blood is the most powerful magical ingredient. Substitute period blood for ram's blood. Again, that would also include not tasting any fluids involved. Yes, there are health risks associated with ingesting or being exposed to menses, because this is both fluid sharing and also blood sharing, even though menses is more than just blood. They prepared and drank potions containing their menstrual blood in order … So I was wondering, is it safe to do that while on your period? Because we frequently have users here who have not had previous sexual partners before the partner they are with, if that's the case for the two of you, neither of you have ever been IV-drug users, and you're both up to date with your general health immunizations, your risks of this fluid-sharing are probably minimal. But then, at the time of the flood, things changed. In the African-American hoodoo tradition, as well as in Sicilian folk-magic, menstrual blood served to a man in his coffee or tea is a sovereign recipe for capturing his sexual attention. All Rights Reserved. © 1998 - 2020 Scarleteen/Heather Corinna. I thought I had heard it all. If at the end of that six months, that second screening comes up negative for both of you, you've both stayed sexually exclusive and then remain so, then it's pretty safe to go ahead and fluid-bond if you both want to do that. Although the majority of cases with dark period blood are nothing to worry about, doctors from Cancer Research UK say one of the signs of womb cancer is abnormal bleeding.The bleeding could be accompanied with vaginal discharge that is very dark and has a bad smell to it. Overall, what you're looking at are the risks associated with unprotected -- without a latex barrier like a condom or dental dam between -- oral sex. 38-year old Martin Sanders from Milwaukee in Wisconsin, weighted over 400-lbs a few months ago when he decided to try a new diet of his own design. It is the administration (feeding it to a man) that is most important. With manual sex (fingering or handjobs), the way to be safe when it comes to preventing infections is to either use latex gloves, or be sure and wash one's hands before and after giving someone manual sex. A self-styled “womb witch” has encouraged women to drink their own menstrual blood as a natural way to boost their energy levels. I’ve been practicing medicine for a while now and this is definitely the first time I’ve heard this one. In addition to the blood itself, it contains parts of the inner uterine lining and mucus. Unprotected oral sex, and oral exposure to another person's body fluids, presents a risk of a person contracting or transmitting the following sexually transmitted infections: Generally, unprotected oral sex with a receptive partner who has a vagina is considered to be lower risk for the transmission of many STIs than is unprotected oral sex with a receptive partner who has a penis. C’elle Cryo-Cell International, one of the world’s largest private cord banks as well as developer of innovative stem cell solutions, has been collecting menstrual blood since 1989. Blood play, or hematolagnia, is an interest in using blood or blood-like images in sexual play. Here are some additional links to fill you both in some more: Information on this site is provided for educational purposes. Either of you can get screened via your general practitioner (who you see for all your basic healthcare), a gynecologist or urologist, a general walk-in clinic, or a sexual health clinic, such as a Planned Parenthood clinic. Overall, what you're looking at are the risks associated with unprotected -- without a latex barrier like a condom or dental dam between -- oral sex. Menstrual blood is believed to have powers to attract certain things into a witch’s life. That would mean six months of sexual exclusivity, six months of using latex barriers for any oral, anal or vaginal sex (or sharing semen, vaginal fluids, breastmilk or blood in any other way), and ideally, one full STI screening for you both at the start of that six months and one at the end. Donate it to PETA to throw at models wearing furs to offset the escalating cost of red paint. Menstrual blood used to be one of the most sacred substances on Earth, and now science is discovering its incredible healing powers. Now I do realize this would be a very small amount of blood, but I'm just curious. For instance, if neither of you has ever had any kind of sex with anyone else, one set of screenings is fine and you may not have to wait that six months. Menstrual blood, vaginal fluid, semen, urine (that is, something from your genital region) into the loved one’s food or drink, and those in which you add such fluids to a personal scent or dressing oil and wear it on your body to captivate those whose attentions you desire. Your period helps you enjoy a different level of sexual experience. It comes out of your uterus, which is the cauldron pot to create life. Like, are there any health risks involved with ingesting the blood? No ritual, prayer, or invocation is necessary; you simply add some menstrual blood to the man's coffee or tea. The dehydrating effects of alcohol may make the blood and mucus thicker and thus harder to pass. If you have been exposed to any of his fluids, and you haven't started screenings, it's time for you, too. Scientists report that menstrual blood contains adult stem cells … Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB): Why Awareness Matters — A Story From a Flo User, Menarche: Key Facts About Your Daughter’s First Period, Dysmenorrhea: The Reason for Your Painful Periods, Hymen: What It Is and How It Changes Throughout Your Life, How Deep Is a Female Vagina? The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. But Chrystal claims that an easier and more effective way of recovering the vitamins, iron and minerals lost during menstruation is to drink your menstrual blood 'Since I began drinking my menstrual blood,' Chrystal says, 'my periods have greatly reduced. 33. This classic love potion consists of a single drop of menstrual blood. How u go dey compare ur blood with d … Blood sharing is one of those things that puts a person at a higher risk of the more serious and incurable infections, so it is something to consider very seriously and be really cautious about. Priestesses and witches in ancient times revered menstrual blood. Menstrual blood is different from the rest of the blood in your body. Wow. Its ingredients are supposed to ensure a long life. The ancients used this practice, and science is proving the power of ingesting menstrual blood for its stem cells. Re: My Husband Is Drinking My Menstrual Blood And Urine – Woman Reveals by Nobody: 1:42pm On Jan 09, 2016 U no get sense. Sorcerers claim the love spell with menstrual blood is the most effective method for manipulating men’s will. It is mostly used for drawing love, lust, passion, sexual desire, fertility, and abundance. However, once blood is inserted into the mix, you are often looking at higher risks of fluid-transmitted STIs -- like Hepatitis and HIV -- than you would be otherwise. Menstrual blood essentially is dead inner lining of the womb (endometrium) and blood, so no big deal, don’t think apart from being gross you’d get sick from it. You should always consult your own healthcare provider if you have a health problem or medical condition. While some men avoid having sex … An interesting life, but nothing too out of the ordinary… until you read on her website that after drinking her menstrual blood for several years, her relationship with her body has improved infinitely and her menstrual […] It was known as the Star Fire, the female lunar essence. Find out where this desire stems from, how it relates to … Without this hormone, you … She studied holistic psychopedagogy and is currently a teacher of Tantra in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The female menstrual cycle is governed by the cycles of the Moon and the blood contains that energy. Absolutely no love spell a woman can use on a man will top using blood, in my experience. It makes the man addicted to the woman whose menstrual blood he drank.Specialists warn against casting a love spell using menstrual blood on one’s own, because it may result in a very powerful hex It is fucking sacred. In rare cases, the cause of dark period blood could be due to a cancerous growth in your reproductive system. Witches use menstrual blood to dress candles, make charms and talismans, draw sigils and symbols on ritual objects, and anoint and empower magical tools. Menstruation Taboos Around the World: How Did Periods Become Taboo. Five years ago, my partner and I, as part of our research, met with a top international research scientist working with menstrual blood stem cells. In a … I know having your partner finger you during your period is perfectly safe (while a little messy), but I do have another concern: my boyfriend often puts that finger in his mouth to taste the fluid after he's done fingering. Menstrual Blood And Stem Cells. In some cultures such as the African-American hoodoo culture, and in Sicilian folk magic, it’s believed that serving menstrual blood to a man will capture his sexual attention. Cancer. After all the meat we eat is dead tissue too, maybe less degraded, but menstrual blood isn’t infectious or so. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in-person medical professional. What I'd suggest for right now is that given he has been exposed to your fluids, if he has not started his STI testing, it's time for him to do that. Vampires actually enjoy drinking period blood when it come from a PURE host. Blood in Love Magick. Nov. 15, 2007 -- Menstruation may have a fringe benefit as a source of adult stem cells. In fact, any of us are likely only at risk for Hepatitis C or D when there is blood involved. Pure period blood is the … The use of menstrual blood has been vital to stem cell research. Your menstrual blood is not dirty. After an evening of drinking, you’re likely to be dehydrated. Can alcohol consumption cause cycle irregularities or disorders? If you and/or a partner want to reduce your health risks with sex, fluid-sharing -- be that blood, semen or vaginal fluids -- is something that you will want to wait on until you have both engaged in standard safer sex practices for at least six months. Suffice it to say, even if you have not had known exposure, if you two have been engaged not just in manual sex, but with any oral, vaginal or anal sex, it's time for those regular screenings regardless. Sometimes pink menstrual blood may indicate low estrogen levels in the body. Periods are a completely normal bodily function for approximately half the human population, and yet there is still a lot of shame and disgust attached to menstrual blood. The Average Depth of a Vaginal Canal, Period Tracker: How to Choose One and Why Logging Is Important, Using the Pill to Regulate Periods: How It Works. As well, if both of you have not had any sexual partners, say, in the last year or two, and had a screening eight months ago, you could consider that screening to be the first one of the two I suggested. A man who began drinking his wife's menstrual blood in an effort to lose weight has lost over 225 pounds in six months thanks to his unusual diet.
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