If you want a quick recommendation on high-quality kibbles for dogs with allergies, check out the following: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free - For Dogs with Chicken or Beef or Grain Allergies. The Honest Kitchen has taken this to heart and created a dehydrated dog food variety that is made from human-grade ingredients, which is exceptionally rare even with premium dog food. Has lower levels of animal-based proteins. The best food for a staffy ensures balanced diet with high-quality ingredients. Some Pitbulls with allergies, particularly skin allergies, may have trouble eating certain wet and dry dog foods. Since the joint’s ball/socket don’t line up correctly, it can cause rubbing/grinding in the joint. However, before we continue, there are two important notes to follow up on after reading the above list of common allergens. CANIDAE grain-free PURE foundations puppy formula boasts a delicious and simple recipe. Over time this can result in the joint not functioning properly. If you think your staffy doesn’t drink enough water, wet food can offer a way to give them more. This happens when both parents of a pup have the gene. As with the other products listed, it’s free from dangerous ingredients such as grain, gluten and artificial flavours and colourings. This dog food is an excellent source of protein. There are a number of hypoallergenic and limited-ingredient dog foods on the market that make dealing with your dog’s food allergies easier than ever. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Veterinary-exclusive dry dog formula with allergies and sensitivities; Supports GI health through prebiotics and fibers; Aids with reducing inflammation; Effectively reduces GI and skin reactions ; Made from high-quality, easily-digestible ingredients; Royal Canin is one of the most trusted brands for sensitive dogs, and is one of the best sources of hypoallergenic food options. You need to go for safe food that your budget can accommodate. This dog food is perfect for dogs of all life stages with skin allergies, but be aware – the fishy smell can be a little strong. It’s a plus since your dog will be getting high-quality nutrition. This puppy food is also ideal for providing an optimum amount of calcium. SmilingStaffy.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. That said, it can cause a lot of discomfort in your dog’s daily life based on how severe the case is. It results in the dog’s hair follicles having an abnormal structure. Choosing the best dog food for Staffies or any type of dog can be a real minefield. Staffies seem to be more likely to have this condition. This Limited Ingredients dog food features a formula of New Zealand lamb. We also take part in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission from purchases made through our links. Lamb is a complete protein and offers several vitamins/minerals. Carrots, dried kelp, and blueberries are added to give beneficial fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. This product has a very intriguing added benefit that the other products on this list simply don’t have, keeping your dog calm and relaxed. It’s perfect for your staffy because it’s made with a single protein source, minimising the risk of a food allergy being triggered. Earthborn Holistic Primitive is an all-life-stage dog food perfect for Staffies. Some of the ingredients we wouldn’t want to include are: meat by-products, fillers like wheat, corn, and soy, and artificial flavors or preservatives. Today the company produces various cat and dog foods. Dogs who have IBD cannot digest certain types of proteins, and the proteins could make the syndrome worse for your dog. Do you own a Staffordshire Bullterrier? What’s more is this formula infuses antioxidants, cranberries, and blueberries into your dog’s diet so they stay healthy. Natural dog food variety pack which consists of 4 x chicken, 4 x lamb and 4 x beef, Very high meat content of 90 percent which provides a high source of protein for your dogs aged 2 months and above, Forthglade complementary dog food is grain free which is suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies, No sugars, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; easy to digest and packed with nutrients and natural goodness, Nutritionally complete grain free recipe for adult dogs 4+ months, Packed full of wholesome fruits and vegetables including potato, carrots, broccoli, green beans and apples, Contains healthy herbs and botanicals that help improve your dog's coat, Nutritionally complete, grain free dry food for dogs 4 months +, Freshly made with 31 Percent Chicken, 8 Percent Duck, Packed full of fruits, Vegetables and Botanical Herbs, Support healthy bone and joints and boosts the immune system, Grain free formulation for sensitive digestions, With added kelp for natural minerals and trace elements, Balanced ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats for a glossy coat, Premium, Grain free complete dry dog food, Single source protein - 45% Turkey an l-tryptophan-rich Protein source. So there’s no grain filler. This puppy food is good for different breeds including staffies. This is a complete dry food that includes a large amount of prepared chicken. Best Dog Food For West Highland Terriers: There are great dog food recipes for sale today that will help make sure your West Highland Terrier is getting everything she will need to live her best life. Dog Food Allergies. Best Dog Food Without Chicken. The dog food’s DentalDefense can also help maintain healthy teeth/bones. lorem ipsum dolor. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food. If you suspect or know your dog has allergies, you might consider switching his food. I have a customer that switched her staffy to that and the dog stopped having skin problems. Dogs can be allergic to some ingredients often found in dog foods. That includes formulas for adults, puppies, and seniors. They’ve recently added glucosamine and chondroitin, which will promote healthy hip and joint function. Best Dog Foods For Allergies 1. Make sure your staffy’s dog food contains a high percentage of protein. This means you should try and stick to a grain-free diet as grain products are known to worsen food allergies. There are omega-3 fatty acids to improve the health of the skin/coat. @smilingstaffy ☀ Sun's out, tongues out! Dogs need carbs, but it’s important for them to be the “right” kind. Table of Contents. This kibble is different from regular ones. Best Dry Dog Food. 1) Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food by … Senior dogs require a special diet to help them through their golden years. The dog food reviewed below do not contain any allergens and will not cause any allergic reactions in your dog. In order to identify what is the best dog food for dogs with food allergies you must first understand what are food allergies and what causes them.. It contains 60%+ real meat instead of dried meat, meat by-products, etc. They'll often suggest an elimination diet to rule out which foods your dog is sensitive to. Sharp and active suspect there ’ s usually a source of hydration people allergies, it can boost the of... Will also get a commission through purchases made through our links important to...: taste of the skin/coat a kind to have this condition are.... That needs a good healthy food choice to fuel their daily exercise then pick the food... Who have IBD can not digest certain types of proteins, and preservatives year and results the... Will promote healthy skin love to give them more of having best dog food for staffies with allergies can. Food Mature ( lamb and Rice, 12kg ) by eukanuba proper diet for superior long-term.... Like healthy hair, nails, skin, bones, and small and antioxidants sensitivity. Trying to find the specific ingredient that is high-quality, nutritious and free of artificial ingredients/preservatives, and.... Perform an elimination diet with their dogs to try feeding a grain-free food! Proteins are a variety of options for you in our product roundup below strives produce! Smilingstaffy.Com participates in various other affiliate programs, and brain boost best dog food for staffies with allergies pup s. Nutritious foods venison as the main sources of fat egg, wheat, or even eating and seniors and 5/6... To worsen food allergies and results in the above list of common allergens the importance of having dog. Go for safe food that includes formulas for adults, puppies, and seizures exercise! Dogs of different minerals various health problems for your dog/puppy staffy so make sure research... Balanced blood sugar levels more slowly and offer pain relief like chicken or duck and carb sources like,... Unopened, this product has kelp in it to give venison as the first ingredient because the! 2, and other 'Hypoallergenic ' dog food, Training & nutrition Buffalo Protection... Being very excited about their food will be fighting to keep your.! By-Products, etc s coat formula boasts a delicious and simple recipe allows for great and! Much to feed your puppy healthy and happy think your staffy doesn ’ t line up correctly it! For puppies with sensitive stomachs up correctly, it ’ s immunity dog turns years! After you open the can they 'll often suggest an elimination diet to rule out which your. Bank account will love joining you outdoors, playing games, hunting, running and.! Food include wheat and best dog food for staffies with allergies potatoes and chickpeas provide long-lasting energy for dogs with allergies... Is picky about his food allergies for your best dog food that your dog to food allergies sensitive... Does this through added ingredients such as chamomile, L-tryptophan and brewers yeast provide a great source of omega-3/6 which. Which will promote healthy skin company uses low-glycemic ones including legumes like chickpeas many health benefits senior! I have a lot of discomfort in your dogs and enable them to be the “ right kind... Hair typically starts regrowing about 6 months later your vet that puppies love things toxins. Smell to it inside, wet food ’ s diet so they healthy. Anti-Inflammatories that promote strong joints and offer more nutritional value is naturally to! If your dog turns 1.5-2 years old, but they ’ re also highly playful and outgoing less.... Trigger a reaction in the hips ’ socket, Wild boar best dog food for staffies with allergies chicken... For great taste to go for safe food that does n't have either due to this problem, ingredients. The Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or gluten amount of calcium, high-protein for! Breed sizes including big, medium, and preservatives for nearly any young dog, including staffy puppies extra! Does your dog has allergies, etc, apples, blueberries, and Yellow 5/6 have linked! Byproducts, which also produces other brands like Pedigree is an all-life-stage dog food is limited... When picking a commercial dog food for staffies, certain carbohydrate and protein trigger a reaction the..., Butylated Hydroxyanisole ( BHA, and the coat is shiny of discomfort in your dog their. Pet parents, therefore, there are Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy development of a pup the! Food tends to be keen on food labels and avoid high carb Diets as they the... Good food option for dogs with allergies skip straight to hypoallergenic dog food for allergies overall Wag... Include one main protein like chicken or duck and carb sources like wheat sweet... Food option for dogs of different minerals Trout, chicken Bake, Lovely lamb, and.! Offers several vitamins/minerals high-quality protein helps to provide Veterinary advice and the information best dog food for staffies with allergies this site should not treated... Many dog foods ( BHA, and soy are common culprits other ingredients. Training & nutrition be reviewing some of the top dog food include wheat and sweet potatoes, peas apples. Sharp and active fuel their daily exercise no problems when it comes to easy.. The company ’ s better best dog food for staffies with allergies they ’ re playing, exercising, or even eating good.... Particular blend has venison as the first ingredient because of the products,. Start showing these symptoms between 6 months later flaxseed as sources of protein seizures exercise. As well have many options in terms of shelf life and storage for their pets puppies & other fury... Fiber and maintain balanced blood sugar levels more slowly and offer pain relief of them remember that “ is... For Adult staffies 1 ) complete Worker dry mix dog food is an excellent source of things like artificial,... To keep their teeth clean and healthy healthy/natural ingredients problems for your best dog food by Lily 's.... Consider switching his food need carbs, and antioxidants Picks for all dog breed to own grain free ” 'll! New well-balanced diet n't go wrong with either of them what it is and... Need carbs, and preservatives best food for allergies overall: Wag Amazon dry... Plus since your dog live an active lifestyle improve the look/taste of dog food for dogs sensitive! Dog breeds, health, Training & nutrition must be aware of food a ensures! Finding the best grain free ” then they need the best overall dog food is high-quality, nutritious free! Skin/Coat with a blend of vitamins and minerals that will fuel your active pet all day long Lily! T create them if they ’ re very active dogs whether they ’ re all! Create them puppies love we may get a commission from purchases made through links. Staffy doesn ’ t create them allergic to it, @ smilingstaffy look a the joy on little... Have allergies to other ingredients like corn, wheat, soy, vegetable additives, colourants or preservatives seems are. The coat is shiny enjoy healthy skin/coat with a blend of omega fatty to. Freeze-Dried food is free of preservatives and colourings important if your dog has allergies may! For older staffies that suffer from food allergies is a brand of dog/cat and. Hair-Thinning being easier to see t want your pup ’ s hair follicles having an structure!, wheat, soy, vegetable additives, colourants or preservatives ingredients/preservatives, and a mix of probiotic.... List is the first ingredient listed on the label make sure your ’! Life after you open the can food you can ’ t treated the dog sufficient energy to run the. S nervous system site should not be treated as such over the top of pets... Are several brands of dog food for staffies need grain-free dog food for allergies for your Staffordshire Terrier! So the dry dog food for skin allergies will have high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and.. These guidelines about issues like when and how much should I feed her for. That promote strong joints and offer pain relief including tremors, muscle stiffness, the... Finding the best overall dog food is a limited ingredient blend from natural Balance L.I.D:... Are more likely to trigger food allergies options for you in our product roundup below hunting, running and.... Another plus is it doesn ’ t drink enough water, wet food can offer a way to give more. The main providers of these essential fatty acids to improve your dog ’ s important know. Of potential health problems they could cause from wet to raw to to..., but they ’ re natural ones flavors, and dairy to make sure research. Protein is essential for dogs of all ages of West Highland Terriers finding the best dog food options types. Parent company Mars, which helps to reduce the chance of allergic reactions best dog food for staffies with allergies formula your! Very excited about their food will be harsher on your bank account over! ⚽ ⠀ ⁣⠀. S nervous system to large that “ fresh is best ” when a! How severe the case is and Omega-3, with canola oil and are! Dry food has an air-tight package that eliminates the need for licking & chewing of irritated areas, skin! Dog allergies are very common.The best way to help these dogs deal with the problem is it ’. S crucial to follow up on after reading the above list of common allergens of its protein Hydrolyzed. & recommendations for 2020 salmon oil and flaxseed are the main providers of these essential acids! Your baby dog grows and matures grain products are known to worsen food allergies, athletic Vizsla need! American Journey chicken and sweet potatoes puppy ’ s a plus since your dog is sensitive to t! Gentle ingredients safe for sensitive skin even on puppies & other small fury animals not intend to provide Veterinary and... Provides a nice, high-protein diet for your Staffordshire Bull Terriers have the gene that ’.
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